Wooden Mirror

Still today our society has a binary view of gender roles. Wooden Mirror explores the need of a boy to find a different gender role for himself. This animation tells the story of Ambo a boy who grows up in an inflexible society where all men must be warriors and all women must be nurses.

Amore Passeggero

The general perception of youngsters in Italy is that they are lazy and incapable. Can we have a different take on that? We empowered a
15-year-old boy to write and direct a film. It’s about time to have real young directors.

The Special Need

Enea is different from most of us, he is autistic, but just like us he wants to experience sexuality and intimacy. Since in Italy he is regarded as a minor and therefore prohibited from having sex, he embarks on a journey with two friends hoping to find the woman of his life or at least experience sex for the first time.

The Beautiful Gene

Redheads have been historically persecuted, considered mischievous and fiery tempered. These preconception are still alive today and are proven by the fact that the biggest sperm back in the world discontinued the purchase of red haired donors due to a lack of requests. Photographer Marina Rosso explores as a conservation geneticist a possible future where redheads will be on the verge of extinction.


How can Daniela be a mother and a woman while being paralyzed in bed? Daniela is a multimedia project that explore the life of a woman with Locked-in Syndrome and her relationship to her family and her desire to live life at its fullest.